Stefan's 20 Year Anniversary!

To Stefan and Aysha: We at Gym South would like to congratulate you for your success of keeping Gym South going all these years. It took a lot of time, sacrifice and leadership to keep it running. You both have accomplished an amazing business of success. Thank you for all you do!


Dear Gym South Gymnasts, Cheerleaders and Dancers,

National Gymnastics Day will be celebrated on Saturday, September 20. As always, we are going to be raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network. The CMN helps to pay the hospital bills of sick and injured children. Last year we raised $1,350.00 and we hope to raise even more money this year.

We are asking all of our customers, whether you take classes or a member of one of our competitive teams, to collect donations for the Children’s Miracle Network. On September 20, your child will perform 100 jumping jacks, cartwheels, forward rolls, push-ups or any gymnastics skill/strength exercise. If a donor asks to write a check, please have that written to Children’s Miracle Network. 100% of the donations raised will go directly to CMN. Please return pledge forms and donations on September 20th. In addition, our front office staff is contacting local businesses and requesting donations for our silent auction. All of the money that is raised through the silent auction will also go directly to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Thank you for turning gymnastics, cheerleading and dance into a way to help others!

Stefan Benedict
Gym South/Owner